Computer Information Technologies graduate improved his employment options with a degree from CFCC!

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Michael Daniel knows how to manage his time.  A recent CFCC graduate, Michael cleverly balanced work, family, and school to achieve his degree.

An established web designer with over 12 years of experience, Michael had a successful career, but just months before his son was born, he was laid off due to the economic downturn.  He became a stay-at-home dad and started applying for jobs.

Michael applied for lots of positions, but kept hitting a brick wall because he hadn’t completed a degree.

“I had been to school, but never finished,” Michael says.  “I was well-qualified for many of the jobs to which I applied, but I didn’t have a degree.   That’s when I knew I had to go back to school, for my family.”

Michael soon began the Computer Information Technology program at CFCC, and before long, it was evident to everyone that he had a real talent for web design.  If fact, his instructor suggested he teach a continuing education class in web design for CFCC.  Michael applied, and was hired.

Michael says his instructors at CFCC were really supportive and worked to help him succeed. CFCC’s on-campus resources were helpful as well. Between classes and work, he studied in CFCC’s Learning Lab.   “I had to make good use of every moment,” he said.

Michael graduated from CFCC with a degree in Computer Information Technology, and received the Student Recognition Award for Vocational/Technical Education in Computer Information Technology.  With his degree, and the experiences he gained teaching web design, he was able to interview with confidence, and recently landed a job he enjoys at All-Spec Industries in Wilmington.

Find out more about the Computer Information Technology program.

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