The 4 Attributes of Dedicated CFCC Alumni Simple and easy things you can do for your community college

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1. Seize…the opportunity to remain connected to CFCC

• Join the CFCC Alumni Association at! It’s free and it only takes 2 minutes, tops.

•    If you own or manage a business, join the CFCC Alumni Business Network. Simply email with your name, title and business contact information.

We’ll tell our faculty, staff, students and alumni about your business and we may even feature you in a future publication!

Attend CFCC events! Once you join the alumni association or business network, you will receive invites to many fun events, including alumni socials, athletic events, and our annual Homecoming celebration!

Your Commitment? One to two hours.

Effect on CFCC? An engaged and active alumni body that enables CFCC to thrive.

2. Share…the history of CFCC, our mission and our future plans

Discuss with your church, civic organization, co-workers, family and friends.

Share your experience and memories about CFCC.

Your commitment? Minutes to hours.

Effect on CFCC? As more CFCC Alumni share the CFCC story, our mission and our future plans, CFCC’s name recognition will continue to grow!

3. Speak …to prospective students

Encourage them to visit the CFCC campus.

Encourage students to apply for admission.

Inform students about their educational options at CFCC.

Your commitment? As little as 20 minutes

Effect on CFCC? When CFCC Alumni help recruit students, it helps boost annual enrollment.

4.  Support…your community college

Make an annual gift to the CFCC Foundation.

Fund an annual or endowed scholarship for CFCC students.

Help a graduate secure employment.

Your commitment? $10 or more

Effect on CFCC? A financially sound college reflecting successful students!

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