Tommy Blair finds new career niche in green technologies

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A native of Alaska, Tommy Blair made his way to Cape Fear Community College after studying journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Although he enjoyed journalism, the job outlook was bleak, so he decided to pursue another passion:  sustainability technology.  He looked for sustainability programs around North Carolina, and decided to enroll at CFCC, “this program seemed very practical,” he said.  “I really wanted to get a job right after I finished the program, and to have skills I could apply to my career right away.”

“On day one of my new job, I felt prepared.”

“I was kind of a non-traditional student; I had taken a few years off from school.  I thought it was going to be easier, but it was a challenge from day one.”

“There’s a really good support system at CFCC.  They have tutors, and all the resources that you need, after that, it was just a matter of effort.  I was engaged when I started the program, so I considered school to be my job.  I knew that there were other people relying on me to succeed. That’s a great motivator,” said Tommy.

“The whole program prepares you for your career. Mr. Wojciechowski teaches a large part of the curriculum, and is relentless in his passion.  He is one of the most challenging teachers I’ve ever had, but he taught me so much, and on day one of my new job, I felt prepared.”

Tommy had a job six months before he graduated Cape Fear Community College.  Today, he is with the same company, Above and Beyond Energy.

“I love my job now,” he says.  “I’m not just showing up and putting in time, I really love what I do.”


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