CFCC’s New Honors Program Offers Great Benefits for Transfer Students

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What do you get when you surround yourself with a community of student scholars who seek to challenge themselves intellectually while, at the same time, build bonds of friendship that will endure throughout their college careers and into their professional lives? The answer is the Honors Program at Cape Fear Community College.

Offering a challenging and rewarding environment, CFCC’s Honors Program is an academic enrichment program designed to increase the educational experience of students enrolled in college transfer programs who demonstrate academic excellence. The program offers students distinctive coursework that provides an opportunity for them to engage in an academically rigorous experience with other outstanding students while developing skills in effective communication, critical thinking, independent learning and scholarly exploration.

To be considered for the Honors Program, incoming students must submit an Honors Program application, in addition to the application for admission to the college. Entering students need to meet certain criteria, including a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and submit materials including a statement of intent and two letters of recommendation.

Myssie Mathis, CFCC psychology instructor who leads the honors program says, “Students who are accepted into the honors program will have a unique, challenging educational experience that will better prepare them for their bachelor’s programs and even graduate school should they decide to pursue a higher degree.”

Advantages of Honors

CFCC’s Honors Program enhances a student’s overall educational experience and includes rewarding features such as:

• Priority registration

• Honors advising/mentoring

• Smaller class sizes

• Sense of community

• Special honors events

• Increased academic rigor to foster learning and development of critical thinking skills

• Increased competitiveness when applying to four-year institutions

• Better preparation for leadership roles in student’s chosen profession

• Recognition of student’s higher level of commitment

• Honors distinction on degree

Applications are accepted at any time, but to be considered for the fall 2014 cohort, applications must be received by August 1, 2014.  Applications received after August 1 will be considered for the spring 2015 cohort.

For more information about Cape Fear Community College’s Honors Program, contact Myssie Mathis at 910-362-7559 or mmathis@cfcc, or visit

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