Employers Seek New Generation of Workers With High Tech Training

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Contrary to what you might have heard, manufacturing is not dead. While it’s true that old-fashioned assembly line jobs are dwindling, a new kind of manufacturing industry has emerged and is starved for workers with the right skills.

Due to advances in computer-controlled equipment and processes, over 60 percent of manufacturing employees need at least some college education, according to a U.S Department of Commerce report. And the 2011 Skills Gap Report from the Manufacturing Institute estimated that as many as 600,000 skilled manufacturing jobs were unfilled because employers simply couldn’t find qualified workers.

As a result, jobs such as skilled machinists, equipment operators, welders and technicians go begging.

Randy Johnson, Department Chair, Engineering Technology at Cape Fear Community College, knows that high-tech manufacturing jobs are in demand in the Wilmington, NC region. “I get calls on a regular basis from employers looking for qualified job applicants.  Cape Fear Community College actively listens to our area employers, and we’ve created programs to meet their needs and enable our graduates to find good jobs locally.”


Computer Technology Integration

The new Computer Technology Integration (CTI) degree program at Cape Fear Community College allows students to work toward at least one additional diploma and multiple certificates while, at the same time, completing their degrees, allowing students to broaden their skill sets.

“The Computer Technology Integration degree program is very versatile, offering six different specification tracks ranging from a more generalist IT course work structure to very specific niches in IT like information security and forensics, virtualization, or networking.  Each day, more and more IT related jobs become available in our area. The North Carolina occupational employment projections for IT positions estimate a need for over 15,000 new IT professionals within the next several years, and Wilmington and its surrounding counties are no exception. We are very excited to bring this new program to the students of Cape Fear Community College,” says Melissa Watson, Chair of CFCC’s Business Technologies Department.

For more information about Computer Technology Integration, contact Melissa Watson at (910) 362-7281 or mwatson@cfcc.edu.


CFCC creates new program to meet local hiring needs

Mechatronics Program

Cape Fear Community College is introducing a new program this fall.  Mechatronics may sound like a space-age word, but it’s really a term for a practical and timely skill set.  Those graduating CFCC with an associate’s degree in mechatronics will be in high demand by local employers.

Students in CFCC’s mechatronics program will learn a diverse set of applications in the areas of design, development, assembly, troubleshooting and repair of automated systems consisting of electromechanical and servo-mechanical devices, including computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools, liner transfer systems, and a variety of automated systems.

For more information about Mechatronics, contact Randy Johnson at
(910) 362-7376 or rjohnson@cfcc.edu.

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