Tech Talent: CFCC architectural technology students learn traditional and high-tech skills that help them land jobs

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Rebecca Criser and Neal Spencer are trying something new.  Both Cape Fear Community College students have bachelor’s degrees, but came back to school at CFCC for training that could help them find a satisfying career.  The recovering economy is promising for those with Architectural Technology degrees from CFCC.  Neal and Rebecca are top students in the program, with promising futures ahead of them.

Both graduated from large universities.  They find the instruction at CFCC refreshing.  “Anytime we have a question, it’s going to get answered,” says Spencer.  Class sizes in the Architectural Technology program are small, so students get lots of attention from their instructor and are able to move at their own pace.

CFCC has recently introduced night classes to the Architectural Technology program, so that students can work during the day while they attend classes in the evening.  “These students are completing work right now that is representative of what they would do in the field.  We want them to have the opportunity to work while they attend classes, so they have the experience and the education,” says Glenn Davis, lead architectural technology instructor at CFCC.  “Our classes focus on the skills students need to get a job, so we want to make it as convenient as possible for them to work when they have the opportunity.”

The instruction is high-tech, but also practical; students learn on the latest CAD software, which is upgraded often.  “Sometimes the students are learning software ahead of what their future employers use.  That’s an asset for them as they start applying for jobs.  They can come into a work setting being able to add something to the mix right away,” says Davis.  “But in addition to the high-tech software they’re learning, we also teach them hand sketching.  It’s really important for students to also know how to convey an idea in an informal setting.”

Students leave CFCC’s architectural technology program with a professional portfolio to help them land a job.  Examples of their work help tell the story of all they’ve learned at CFCC.  “Our goal is to help our students find satisfying careers,” says Davis.  “That’s why we’re here.”

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