What’s Your Excuse? Four unreasonable reasons adults avoid college

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You wake up every day to return to the same job you have been dragging yourself to for years. Another day of performing work that, let’s face it, was fine 10 years ago, but is starting to wear you down.

You’ve always been interested in helping people, or computers, or nursing, but you’re not sure if you can handle going to college at this point. You don’t have time. You’re afraid of math. Your cat wants you home at night. The excuses are endless.

It’s time to stop making excuses.  Cape Fear Community College can help you get started on a new path toward work you’ll find truly fulfilling.

“CFCC strives to meet students were they are regardless of their age,” says Jackie Foster, Director of Counseling at Cape Fear Community College. If you are not sure where to start, talk to the Counseling Department.   We will help you with whatever your concern may be.  We are here to support students and to help them succeed. You are never too old to accomplish your goals.”

“I didn’t do well in high school.”

Who you were in high school has little relevance to who you are today. Your values, interests, and yes, your skills, have evolved.

You might be a great student today though you weren’t when you were younger. You’re more motivated. You have a lot of great experience to draw upon.  You’re more mature.

“I can’t afford it.”

Financial aid and scholarships are available for both full-time and part-time students and a majority of community college students receive some sort of financial aid.

CFCC also has a convenient monthly tuition payment plan that allows you to pay your bill in installments instead of in one lump sum.  To learn more about the Tuition Payment Plan, visit cfcc.edu/businessoffice/paymentplan/

“I don’t have the time.”

Cape Fear Community College know all about busy adults. One popular option is taking online classes. Students can take their classes when their children go to bed, on their lunch breaks, or whenever it’s convenient for them.

Once you begin taking classes that resonate with you, you will probably find that you are excited about what you are learning and you will have a lot more energy and time to get the work done.

“I don’t know what I want to study.”

Start by making an appointment with Cape Fear Community College’s Career Services office to take an assessment that will help you figure out your interests and the types of careers would suit you.

Have you run out of excuses yet? 

Now get out there and start living the life you want.

Not sure how to get started at CFCC? 

Try a short course through Continuing Education!

No matter where you are in life, CFCC’s Continuing Education Department has a class that can help get you further – from high school completion classes to courses just for fun, CFCC offers something for students of all ages, educational levels and interests.

Finish high school or earn your GED®

Strengthen your basic skills: Enhance your employability, polish your resume, and find a job; complete your high school diploma; prepare for the GED® exam by improving your math, reading, and writing skills; learn English as a second language.

A Compensatory Education program is also offered to assist adults with intellectual disabilities achieve their potential.

Enhance your career

Prepare for licensure exams and earn industry-recognized certificates in a variety of areas, including computer skills, barbering, health care, paralegal, public safety, service industry occupations, vocational trades and much more.

Put your business to work

CFCC offers comprehensive and practical business-related courses that can help any business owner or manager improve their bottom line. CFCC’s Small Business Center classes, free seminars, and individual consultations support entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We also provide customized corporate training, leadership and process improvement, and technical troubleshooting education for employees of large industries.

Personal Enrichment

From photography and visual arts to music and improvisation, CFCC offers you a chance to try something new.

Courses change every semester, so check online for the full schedule at cfcc.edu/ce.

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