Not So Typical: Today’s college students break stereotypes

If you think that most college students are fresh out of high school, young, carefree and living at a university, you’re way behind the times.  Eighty-five percent of college students today don’t fit that mold. More often, the

Employers Seek New Generation of Workers With High Tech Training

Contrary to what you might have heard, manufacturing is not dead. While it’s true that old-fashioned assembly line jobs are dwindling, a new kind of manufacturing industry has emerged and is starved for workers with the right

Tech Talent: CFCC architectural technology students learn traditional and high-tech skills that help them land jobs

Rebecca Criser and Neal Spencer are trying something new.  Both Cape Fear Community College students have bachelor’s degrees, but came back to school at CFCC for training that could help them find a satisfying career.  The recovering

Boatbuilding programs teach traditional craftmanship and modern technology

Whether it’s sailing, powerboating or paddling, boats are big business in southeastern North Carolina. From commercial fisherman, to charter cruisers and recreational boaters, the demand for quality watercraft is strong. The companies and craftsman that build and

After Serving Our Country, What’s Next?

Though it may be difficult to distinguish them from the other students on campus without their uniforms, more and more students taking classes at Cape Fear Community College are veterans. In fact, veterans comprise roughly ten percent

CFCC Offers Something for Everyone!

Check out our academic programs available on our multiple campuses and online, and find what’s right for you. Learn the skills and earn the credentials that will help you reach your goals! Apply today! Credentials Key: AA

Catch the CFCC Sea Devils in Action!

Check out all of Cape Fear Community College’s athletic teams this season! CFCC offers six intercollegiate sports teams that compete in the NJCAA Region 10 and a competitive cheerleading squad. Last year both men’s basketball and women’s

The Community College Advantage [infographic]

Community college transfer students perform as well or better as other students at four-year institutions. Continue reading

What’s Your Excuse? Four unreasonable reasons adults avoid college

You wake up every day to return to the same job you have been dragging yourself to for years. Another day of performing work that, let’s face it, was fine 10 years ago, but is starting to

How to apply

Follow these simple steps: 1. Apply for Admission Online Applications are available online or at the Student Services Office on either the Wilmington or Castle Hayne campuses.  Applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to registration.

The Right Amount of Higher Education

You don’t have to commit to four years of college to increase your income In choosing a career, it’s important to know your personal interests and talents, the job outlook for occupations matching your interests and talents,

College at Any Age Starting over or changing careers? It’s never too late!

Changing careers in today’s economy often means going back to college to learn new skills. Community colleges are usually the first place to which career changers turn, and not just because they’re a good value. College for

CFCC paves the way to a university education

Jamir Jumoke is a husband, a father, and soon a college graduate. However, a college degree wasn’t always something that Jamir thought he could get. Prior to enrolling at Cape Fear Community College, Jamir’s life was filled with

Tommy Blair finds new career niche in green technologies

A native of Alaska, Tommy Blair made his way to Cape Fear Community College after studying journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Although he enjoyed journalism, the job outlook was bleak, so he decided to pursue another passion:  sustainability